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From Movement Artist to Movement Specialist
feat. Erin Bond

Host: Robert Tsai, PT, DPT
Audio Recorded 5/20/2020
Published 5/22/2020

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Are you a dancer or movement artist interested in pursuing physical therapy?

UPDATE: Erin Bond, SPT is now Dr. Erin Bond, PT, DPT and currently practices in the realm of pediatrics!

In this conversation, we talk with Erin Bond, who is a current student physical therapist c/o 2020, class representative and DANCE|PREHAB team member. We dive into about our experiences as dancers/performers who eventually found our way into the physical therapy profession.

We chat about how Erin's past experiences led and inspired her to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, her thoughts and decision-making processes regarding choosing a PT program right for her, feelings about leaving dance "behind", and how she's navigated her academic career to find resources in the dance/performing arts PT world, and beyond.
Our conversation covers:

✓ Physical therapy school application basics and requirements.

✓ The experience of transitioning from dance to physical therapy.

✓ Steps to take to explore the world of dance physical therapy as a prospective applicant or student PT.
✓ How dance experience can play a role in treatment of other patient populations.

We hope this talk helps give others some direction and tidbits in the same way that so many others have helped us as well.