Group Training
Dancing to train is one thing, but let's also remember to train to dance.
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Artist-Athlete Group Sessions

Join our weight and resistance based training sessions! Build resilience with your artistry in mind.

The DANCE|PREHAB group sessions are an opportunity for young dancers to safely learn and utilize weight and resistance training as a consistent and integral part of their development as a dancer, artist, and human.

Sessions are held at our clinic location at A4 Volley.

Session details:

• We currently offer two sessions - ages 11-14 and 15+
(Exceptions may be made depending on training age.)

• 12 participants per session.

• Resistance/weight training based program - modification may be made depending on group level.

• All participants will be educated on safe resistance and weight training techniques.

PP Description

Frequently Asked Questions:

What age groups are appropriate for the Artist-athlete sessions?

Our group sessions are geared towards youth artist-athletes between the ages of 12-18.

I've never lifted or resistance trained before. Where is the best place to start?

Come on through! Depending on your needs, volume and weight will be adjusted to your needs to ensure safety and proper technique education.

I am, or my child, is not yet 15 but has had extensive weight training experience. Should I put them in the higher age group?

Depending on your training experience, younger participants may participate in the older class. This will however ultimately depend on clearance from a DANCEPREHAB therapist or staff.

What is the proper attire?

Please come ready to move. Shoes and socks are required, although there may be moments where we will be barefoot, depending on the exercise.