Performance Prehab
Prehab coaching sessions tailored to your dance performance, self-care, or preparation goals. Together, let's establish a movement practice to support periods of development and growth, both physically and artistically. Expand the scope of your training beyond injury.
PP Description

Elevating artistry with the human in mind.

The Performance Prehab experience is the intersection of our backgrounds as health care professionals and movement educators.

Our primary methodology is the education and use of weight and resistance strength training to promote body awareness, control, and coordination. If needed, brief physical therapy interventions may also be implemented to address minor physical needs.

Establish a strong human foundation to extend into your artistry. For younger dancers, learning to safely and effectively manage load is crucial, especially during times of exponential growth and change.

Depending on your goals, your Performance Prehab Program can take many forms.

Past artist-athletes have focused on:

Bridging the gap in performance between physical therapy and performance.

Developing a personalized warm-up/preparation program.

Choreography / solo / group piece specific strength and endurance training.

1-on-1 consistent resistance/weight training based program to keep up with changes during periods of growth and development.