As one of the most rigorous and physically demanding activities, dancers are often subject to traumatic or overuse injuries.

Effective and long-term benefits of a successful rehabilitation program begins with clinicians that recognize the specific stresses and demands of a particular activity. As physical therapists with backgrounds in multiple dance forms, our perspective on rehabilitation extends beyond a single body part and beyond a single dance style. 

We aim to address you and your dancing as a comprehensive whole.

As part of the rehabilitation process, we also seek to educate, inform, and promote communication between all individuals involved (teacher/choreographer/etc), in order to foster and provide a supportive community for your return to injury-free movement and longevity.

A 60-70 minute physical therapy evaluation consists of:

  • 1-on-1 conversation with your therapist:
    • Medical history
    • Movement history
    • Your problems/complaints
    • Your personal goals

  • Physical therapy assessment:
    • Postural assessment
    • Range of motion and mobility
    • Objective diagnostic clinical tests (strength, proprioception, etc.)
    • Functional movement analysis (imbalance, weaknesses, mobility, stability, motor control, etc).

  • Establishment of an individualized plan as directed by your personal goals
    • Frequency of visits
    • Patient education
    • Home exercise program


"You restored a lot of my confidence in my body's health and my future wellbeing as a dancer, and that's something I can't thank you enough for. 

- M