Prehab Description

"BESIDES dancING to train, DANCERS also need to train to dance."


Your Performance Prehab sessions are training sessions to ensure strong human foundations for your immediate and long-term dance performance goals.

Learn and apply resistance training strength and conditioning concepts to benefit your dance training.

Self-care, movement preparation, and staying strong and ready does not have to begin with injury.


- Growing dancers who are navigating human changes in balance, coordination, and strength.
- Dancers looking for support and accountability to stay performance ready throughout the season.
- Artist-athletes looking to invest in long-term movement education to help seize performance and training opportunities.

here for long term success

The world of dance training is changing. We employ a resistance and weight based training program to ensure dancers feel confident with the tools that are available to them!

Ivy Lanhardt | Ballet West Academy

"DANCE|PREHAB has become an integral part of [my daughter's] training. She has learned the importance of properly warming up before a performance and refers back to these concepts constantly and i believe she will carry this knowledge throughout her dance journey. "

A.C. | dance parent