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So You Want To Be A Dance Physical Therapist?
Some Thoughts!

Published 7/2/2022

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"Hello everyone! Dr. Rob here - thought I'd make a video and share my process and thoughts regarding being a dance PT. I get this question quite frequently so here you go!"

0:00 - Intro
0:43 - How I Decided To Get Into Physical Therapy
1:05 - Basic Physical Therapy School Requirements (U.S. only)
2:02 - Physical Therapy School Overview
2:29 - post-PT school Residencies/Programs
2:38 - What I did as a Pre-PT and PT student
4:19 - Thoughts on Working with Competitive Youth Dancers (Education, Communication, and Context)
6:18 - DANCE|PREHAB Treatment and Education Philosophies
6:43 - Thank you + Final Thoughts

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