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As a movement artist, effectively navigate physical and mental challenges to be adaptable and resilient.


As an athlete, find your support in consistent self-care and building capacity to elevate your performance.


As a human, build trust in your processes and preparation to seize your moments of opportunity.




‣ 1-on-1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
‣ 60 minute sessions
‣ Rehabilitation with your artistry in mind
‣ Safe modifications to your dance training.
‣ Multiple visit bundles available


‣ Resistance and weight-based training for artist-athletes.
‣ Safe progressions to help you reach your performance goals.
‣ Self-care education and coaching
‣ Multiple visit bundles available


‣ Community sessions for dance educators to facilitate and create dialogue around health and wellness.
‣ Get to know how we support artist-athletes in our spaces.
‣ Connect with other like-minded educators and professionals to elevate our communities' dance health literacy.


‣ Promoting physical literacy and foundational human movement.
‣ Curated movement workshops to meet your needs for your students or organization/studio.
‣ Emphasis on contextual learning experiences for carryover to personal dance and dance training practice.
‣ Available for travel

Sarah Chandler
I worked with Rob for a couple months on regaining back ankle strength and mobility. As a dancer, it was so great to have support from someone who understood the in’s and out’s of the art and knew what I needed to do to get back to where I wanted to be in my training. The exercises, concepts, and advice Rob provided were so helpful and allowed me to get through ups and downs that occurred during my recovery. Rob is truly one of the best physical therapists I have worked with and if you work with him, you will not be disappointed!
Sumie ́すみえ
We really appreciate Dr Rob’s professional expertise with dancers. He is very knowledgeable and understands what revolves around to be a dancer and gives specific PT exercises needed to heal from injures and pain. My daughter was seen over few months for her twisted ankle and back pain. The PT treatment, education, and support my daughter learned were HELPFUL and the video link given to continue doing the exercises at home were INFORMATIVE because we usually forget what we learned by the time when ready to do the exercises. We really love Dr. Rob because he really cares and is AVAILABLE even during emergency situations which unfortunately happened to my daughter. We really appreciate that he is open minded, encouraging, and gives mature coaching advice to be a well rounded dancer. It’s such a relief and privilege to know that he is reachable and available when my daughter needs him. Thank you so much!!!
Paula McCabe
DR ROB IS THE BEST!!!! My daughter dislocated her knee and Dr. Rob came highly recommended by a dance friend. Dr. Rob got my daughter back up and dancing again with more strength than she’s ever had before her injury. His specialization and knowledge for dancers is exactly what she needed. She now meets with Dr. Rob regularly for strength training. She is a much stronger and more flexible dancer because of Dr. Rob’s expertise and efforts. We are so blessed to have found him!
Melanie Nyland
Dr. Rob and his colleagues are absolutely fantastic! I have experienced so much growth here and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their dance skills! ✨
Christina Levasheff
Robert Tsai of DancePrehab was vital to our daughter’s recovery as a dancer from extensive tendon surgery. Rob is excellent at what he does, deeply knowledgeable, creative in his approach, understanding of the physical, emotional, and mental needs of dancers, while also being incredibly kind, thoughtful, proactive, and encouraging. Rob’s expertise, insight, and character will be transformative for any dancer who has the opportunity to work with him!
Spencer Seebach
Working with Rob and Dance Prehab has been incredible in helping to rehabilitate on-going injuries and deficiencies I experience through movement. The dedication and care that he provides through specialized and individual care is unmatched, which makes me look forward to each session. With knowledgeable experience in dance and the mechanics of performing, I know that I am in the right place to further my career in the performing arts in a healthy, efficient way!
Sumire Price
DANCEPREHAB has been such an incredible resource to guide me through healing from my injury. Not only has it been helpful for healing my body physically, but mentally as well. DANCEPREHAB has allowed me to grow and heal while feeling motivated, safe, and incredibly supported. The staff has never failed to be encouraging and always provides the most helpful exercises that are unique to each patient and their specific situation. I have seen tremendous growth and strength within my body and have noticed that the exercises that I practice with the therapists have nothing but positively contributed to my dancing. Over the past few weeks, I have learned various exercises and tools that I will be able to utilize for the rest of my life and my dance career. I am so thankful for all that I have learned so far from DANCEPREHAB, and I hope to be able to continue my journey with them throughout this process.
Raquel Umbarila
I cannot recommend Dr. Rob enough! I saw multiple physical therapists after my injury, but it wasn't until I started seeing Dr. Rob that my confidence and physical strength increased. He truly listens and supports his clients. As a dancer, it is hard to find a physical therapist who understands how dancers move and use their bodies on a daily basis, so with Dr. Rob being a dancer himself, he is able to provide exercises that hone in on movement relevant to your dance vocabulary. I have also worked with Dr. Claire a couple times and she is also so wonderful and supportive. DancePrehab is the best!!
Jennifer Jacobsen
My daughter had an injury that took her out of dance 100% for 2 solid months. For a 13 year who dances 18 hours a week this was devastating. Dr. Claire and Dr. Robs support through this journey was amazing. Their attention to detail specific to a dancer was just what my daughter needed. Not only was this journey a physical healing process, Dr. Claire supported my daughter mentally. For her this was a whole body and mind recovery. We can not thank the team enough for all the caring phone calls and emails reaching out to us between appointments to check on my daughters recovery. Our family would highly recommend utilizing this facility to help recover or prevent injury for your dancer!
Kelby Grace Fisher
I injured my ankle in 2021 in a pointe class and saw numerous people in hopes of recovery. Out of the many doctors, other physical therapists and chiropractors that I saw, Dr. Rob has been the only person I have ever seen improvement with. I thought for a long time I would never be able to do pointe work again or even dance at my full capacity with no pain, however that completely changed when I started seeing Rob. He has been so encouraging throughout this journey and I genuinely would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for his knowledge and how much he truly cares. I now feel even stronger than I was pre-injury and will forever be thankful for the support that he has given me during this process. He also made sure to address other issues that I was experiencing besides the central problem. As a dancer I am always feeling different aches and pains and he would make sure he was taking care of those problems as well. He is wonderful and I cannot recommend him enough!
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